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The a3 + presents itself as a company that develops projects in the areas of Architecture, Design / Remodeling, Home Staging, Consulting, Events and Communication. We work with various programs such as residential, commercial, industrial, urban spaces, offices, tourist facilities and product design. We have also developed a growing range of specialized and custom designs exclusively for the children. We are Professional & Competitive. In each project we try to be comprehensive, competitive and contemporary, following the demands of the market. We have experience & skills. We count on a extensive professional experience. We work with various programs from residential areas, commercial, industrial, urban, offices, tourist facilities and product design. We offer Personalization & Customization. Transparent, responsible and confidence relationship, fully oriented to the customer. Contact us and we will get back you. Because we love what we do.
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Rua Roberto Ivens, 279
4450-234 Matosinhos


+351 966 866 599





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