a3+ | Services
The a3 + presents itself as a company that develops projects in the areas of Architecture, Design / Remodeling, Home Staging, Consulting, Events and Communication. We work with various programs such as residential, commercial, industrial, urban spaces, offices, tourist facilities and product design. We have also developed a growing range of specialized and custom designs exclusively for the children. We are Professional & Competitive. In each project we try to be comprehensive, competitive and contemporary, following the demands of the market. We have experience & skills. We count on a extensive professional experience. We work with various programs from residential areas, commercial, industrial, urban, offices, tourist facilities and product design. We offer Personalization & Customization. Transparent, responsible and confidence relationship, fully oriented to the customer. Contact us and we will get back you. Because we love what we do.
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what we're good at

We build your home from scratch. a3+ develops your project with the accompaniment of all legal procedures and perform the work quickly and without worries.


Have the dream space that you always wanted without worries by remodeling your home. We provide a service that guarantees quality and aesthetics, combined with monitoring and strict deadlines, and with a budget that suit your needs.

Commerce & Services

Will you open or just want to remodel your office or commercial space? We develop the project of your space according to your business needs, perform the work and also create the corporate identity of your company. And all in one place, do not worry.

Home Staging

Have properties to rent or sell? Learn how to monetize your business through the enhancement of your property.

a3+ organizes and creates seductive spaces adapted to the demands of modernity, differentiating your property on the market.


Ideal for those who want to make changes and do not know how. With our help, enhance your space through a diagnosis and a selection of pieces to change, based on the concept of “inspiration board”.


Want to reshape the corporate identity of your company, create or renew a website, planning a work event or simply have a well decorated space? This is the service for you.


  • Development of architectural project and specialties
  • Support for the licensing project at the City Halls
  • Execution and technical follow-up work.


  • Remodeling project in accordance with legislation required for your business
  • Execution and follow-up work
  • Corporate Identity: logo, website, business cards, flyers, documents, storefront decoration and vehicles
  • Re-organization and decorating spaces
  • Customized furniture and pieces for your business
  • Organization/Decoration Corporate Events


  • Lump Sum Turnkey Solutions
  • Architecture and Interior Design Projects
  • Implementation and monitoring throughout all procedures of the work
  • Execution of Electrical and Plumbing networks
  • Carpentry: kitchens, doors and wardrobes, custom-made furnishings
  • Supply and installation of appliances
  • Decoration: textiles, fabrics, lighting, wallpaper, furniture, custom parts

Home Staging

  • Preparation of properties for sale or rent
  • Property evaluation - Survey of the points that need intervention
  • Selection and arrangement of existing furniture and parts in each division
  • Execution of repairs / necessary changes
  • Creation of environments
  • Photographic production


  • Find a better solution for spaces to intervene
  • Organizing and creating environments
  • Suggestion of ideas that can be performed by you
  • Diagnosis of elements to change/replace
  • List of stores and suppliers with products or services that best meet your space


  • Corporate Identity: logo, website, business cards, flyers, documents, advertising, brochures, storefront decoration and vehicles
  • Organization/Decoration of Events (inaugurations, corporate presentations, birthdays, baptisms, weddings, etc.)
  • Photographic Production